The best Italian red wine: Brunello di Montalcino

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Why is it considered one of the best Italian red wines?

Montalcino is a territory known all over the world for the longevity of its wine, Brunello. This noble wine with Controlled and Protected Designation of Origin has an ancient history and tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages.

A fantastic territory, suitable for the production of wine which is located in south-eastern Tuscany 40 kilometers south of the city of Siena and is bordered by the valleys of the three rivers Orcia, Asso, and Ombrone.

But why is it considered one of the best red wines in the world?

The answer is very simple, in fact, it boasts one of the strictest production regulations in the wine scene. Let's go see it together.

The land must necessarily be attributable to a time interval that goes from the Cretaceous to the Pliocene.

The position of the land must be hilly with an altitude not exceeding 600 meters above sea level.

It must be subjected to an aging period of at least two years in oak containers, and at least 4 months in the bottle.

It cannot be released for consumption before January 1st of the year following the five-year term calculated considering the vintage of the harvest.

The operations of vinification, conservation, aging in wood, bottle aging, and bottling must be carried out exclusively in the production area.

It must be released for consumption in Bordeaux-type bottles, of dark glass and closed with a cork.

It must be subjected to chemical-physical and organoleptic analyzes.

The organoleptic characteristics.

Color: intense ruby ​​red tending to garnet

Smell: characteristic and intense, with references to aromas of geranium, cherry, and spices

Taste: dry, warm, a little tannic, robust, harmonious, persistent

In Tiwol there are currently two certified local producers in Montalcino; the first is Ridolfi and the second is the La Melina Farm.

Both are historical producers and true producers of high-quality wine. They respect the tradition of the grape harvest by manually harvesting the grapes and produce in the two most suitable areas of the country.

You can find them inside Tiwol by clicking below, you will go directly to their personal wine shop.