The best Sangiovese is that of Muratori 1999

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The best Sangiovese di Romagna winery

The Muratori 1999 winery is located on the hill of Borghi, a few minutes from Santarcangelo di Romagna. In this particularly suitable area in the middle of the Romagna hills, Andrea together with his father produces great wines on the 20 hectares of family land.

The hillsides are pampered all year round by the Riviera Breeze. This feature makes the final product unique, in fact, almost all the other Romagna wineries are located on the plain.

The historic farmhouse and the cellar frame this fabulous location that takes us back in time.

The Muratori is very famous for their blends, which they create with grapes from their own vines. Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Terranno (from which a lovely sweet red wine is produced, Cagnina), Trebbiano, Chardonnay, and the famous Albana.

Each bunch is carefully selected, hand-picked, and grown in the most natural and sustainable way, just like in the past.

The wine line consists of 10 bottles, each with a name in the local dialect that describes the personality of the wine contained within. Puloun, Birichina, Marzién, Delirium, Marachella are just some of the crazy and eccentric names. Limited wines, which fully express the local culture and the territory in which they are born.

To celebrate the end of this year's fantastic harvest, the Muratori family has decided to offer its customers a great offer for the entire month of October!

The Muratori family will reserve you a 25% discount for all purchases over 4 cases (24 bottles)!

If you buy more than 6 cases (36 bottles), Andrea will also give you 6 bottles of PULOUN as a gift!


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