Tiwol: A marketplace dedicated to local Italian producers

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Tiwol: Buy in a few simple clicks directly from the best certified Italian producers!

We at Tiwol believe in made in Italy. Since the beginning of 2019, since we decided to found www.theitalianwayoflife.com, we have always had one goal. That of spreading and enhancing the true Italian quality. Unfortunately, the DOP and Made in Italy brands in recent years have been victims of counterfeits that have seriously damaged Italy's exports, strongly distorting the information of consumers around the world. Our challenge with Tiwol is precisely to solve these problems, through the digital revolution. We have thus created a marketplace dedicated exclusively to local Italian producers, where customers can buy directly from them, in a few simple clicks. All our producers have been carefully selected, all use local raw materials, of their own production or at most 100% Italian. All the processes from the beginning to your table are categorically carried out by the manufacturer himself, thus offering only products that are easily traceable, transparent, and with guaranteed quality. Tiwol is the first merit-based platform dedicated to Made in Italy, in support of local Italian economies, transparency, product traceability that guarantees fair trading for both the seller and the buyer. We have only been online since 2019, we started in Italy and we are ready to conquer the tables and kitchens around the world!

Enter the world of Tiwol, and discover our producers!