Raw materials of own production, local spring water, and eggs from own chickens raised on the Marche hills with free grazing. The story of two friends, Ugo and Stefano, who have created a unique and inimitable brand. Pasta Durante is an artisan pasta factory that speaks of high quality, history, and local tradition.

REGION: Marche

 Traditional handmade pasta 

We are in the Marche region, in Cagli, a small village of about 8000 people in the Marche hinterland. In this place where life flows slowly pampered by the Metauro river at the foot of the Catria and Nerone mountains, where the typical landscape of the Marche hinterland frames this fantastic land, two great friends, Chef Ugo Guerra and Stefano Leoni decide to give life Pasta Durante, a young brand but with a strong link to the history, territory, and traditions of that place. Durante takes its name from the noble Castello Durante, which during the Renaissance was the favorite destination of Duke Francesco Maria II. Noble just like that Senatore Cappelli wheat, scrupulously selected in the land owned by certified organic agriculture, which is then stone-ground as tradition dictates, in the mills of the Basse Marche. For Ugo and Stefano, quality, authenticity, and goodness linked to elegance are the main values ​​to be respected. Durante's pasta is a certified short-chain product that was not only wheat but also eggs and water, come from the local area. The eggs come from their own organic farms, with free grazing, while the water from the springs of Mount Catria and Nerone. The careful selection of raw materials, the craftsmanship with which the pasta is created, and the design care that recalls the Renaissance majolica make Pasta During one of the best artisanal dry pasta producers in the Marche region.


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