REGION: Toscana

  Chianti DOCG, Sirah, Merlot, Chardonnay, Rosato

  Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Toscana

The name of a winery with hints of history, the nickname of that grandfather who on the Aretini Hills, with passion and dedication, gave life to what then over time will become the best organic Chianti DOCG winery in Tuscany.

The beginning of the history of the Mancini family transports us to the end of the nineteenth century when the first acquisitions of Podere Della Filandra and subsequently of Tenuta di Campriano began to produce Chianti DOC. The 70s will then be the years of a major modernization, with Amadio Mancini and Patrizia, his wife, who decide to renew the vineyards and plant new olive groves. The official organic certification will come in 2002 after decades in which the company has always produced organic products, respecting tradition, quality, and territory. It is the story of an unrivaled brand, where even the name itself speaks of history, Black Peel, as the black skin of that grandfather who spent whole days under the sun in the vineyards. The company has 50 hectares of vineyards distributed on the side of the Arentine hills and the town of Campriano, a unique geographical position, which together with organic and sustainable agriculture makes it a very high quality and unique product of its kind.

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