• Azienda Agricola "La Melina - Scopetone"

    Azienda Agricola "La Melina - Scopetone"

    We are on the south-west side of the town of Montalcino at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, in this fantastic reality a wine rich in history and tradition is produced.

    REGION: Tuscany

      Typical wines of Tuscany: Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Toscana, Rosso di Montalcino, Grappa di Brunello 
  • Azienda Agricola Alpa

    Azienda Agricola Alpa


    An agricultural company specialized in the cultivation and production of native vegetables and fruits of Calabria. Alpa, from the province of Cosenza, produces products using only carefully selected local raw materials.

    REGION: Calabria

     Specialties: Chestnuts

     Jams and creams

     Handmade pasta

      Handmade flour

     Tomato Sauce
  • Azienda Agricola Bonat

    Azienda Agricola Bonat

     MINIMUM ORDER: 100€

    The agricultural company specialized in the artisan production of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO. During processing, only milk from their own cows reared in a free pasture in the Parma countryside is used.

    REGION: Emilia - Romagna

      Handmade Parmigiano Reggiano PDO 

  • Azienda Agricola Due Palmenti

    Azienda Agricola Due Palmenti


    The producer, located on the slopes of Etna, deals with the production and marketing of aromatic herbs and typical local agricultural products.

    100% Sicilian spices and herbs
  • Azienda Agricola Muratori 1999

    Azienda Agricola Muratori 1999

    Romagna wines caressed by the Riviera breeze. A historic cottage transformed into a unique cellar, which speaks of good wine and tradition.

    REGION: Emilia - Romagna 

      Typical wines of Romagna
  • Azienda Agricola Punto Verde Bio

    Azienda Agricola Punto Verde Bio


    Fruits and vegetables are grown organically in the farm fields. Manual preparation and selection of only natural ingredients.

    REGION: Emilia - Romagna 

     Fruit juices

     Jams and fruit compotes

     Sauces and in oil
      Tomato sauce

  • Azienda Agricola Valentini

    Azienda Agricola Valentini


      MINIMUM ORDER: 65€

    Organic farm since 1998. The Valentini family cultivates and works cereals and legumes in the heart of the Marche region.

    REGION: Marche

      Cereals, legumes, handmade flours, handmade snacks, and more.

  • Biscottificio Artigianale Cirucci

    Biscottificio Artigianale Cirucci


    The Cirucci biscuit factory was born from an idea by Tony Cirucci who from an early age showed interest and passion for the pastry sector.

    REGION: Molise 

     Biscuits, Taralli, Ferratelle, Cornetti, and more.

  • Buccia Nera Winery

    Buccia Nera Winery


    The name of a winery with hints of history, the nickname of that grandfather who on the Aretini Hills, with passion and dedication, gave life to what then over time will become the best organic Chianti DOCG winery in Tuscany.

    REGION: Toscana

      Chianti DOCG, Sirah, Merlot, Chardonnay, Rosato

      Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Toscana

  • Cà Maiol

    Cà Maiol


    A unique territory between lake and land, a winery that over time has been able to read its potential, a wine that from this meeting between man and nature has found its purest expression: Lugana. The history of Cà Maiol has always been linked to this precious white, thanks to the foresight and love for the new challenges of the Milanese Walter Contato who in 1967 founded his farm right on the southern shores of Lake Garda, where the vineyards of the Turbiana have always given their best.

    REGION: Lombardia

      Typical wines of Lugana

  • Cantina De Stefani

    Cantina De Stefani

      MINIMUM ORDER: 100€

    Refined wines created with carefully selected grapes from vineyards cultivated through the best organic and biodynamic principles.

    REGION: Veneto

       Valdobbiadene DOCG, Refrontolo, Raboso, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cantina Pauli's

    Cantina Pauli's

    A winery with over 90 years of history behind it and 450 hectares of vineyards located in the best areas of Sardinia, dedicated to the production of excellent wine.

    REGION: Sardinia

      Typical Sardinian wines: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC, Vermentino di Sardegna DOC, Nuragus di Cagliari DOC and other.
  • Cantina Spalletti - Colonna di Paliano

    Cantina Spalletti - Colonna di Paliano

    A noble cellar that dates back to 1500, a wine that speaks of history, of Conti, and of centenary tradition.
    REGION: Emilia - Romagna 
      Typical wines of Romagna: Sangiovese di Romagna, Albana

  • Caseificio Seggiano

    Caseificio Seggiano

     MINIMUM ORDER: 150€

    The Seggiano Dairy was born in 2001 from the ancient family tradition that unites the cousins ​​Roberto and Gabriele. Fine artisan cheeses with an unmistakable Tuscan taste, today proudly was chosen by the best Italian star chefs.

    REGION: Tuscany

      Handmade Pecorino cheese
  • Cioccolateria Artigianale Choco House

    Cioccolateria Artigianale Choco House

      MINIMUM ORDER: 90€

    ChocoHouse is the house that houses the processing of the ancient Sicilian Chocolate, now known all over the world because of its unmistakable texture.
    Sicilian handmade chocolate
  • L'Olmo e la Vite & UVO - Azienda Agricola Biologica

    L'Olmo e la Vite & UVO - Azienda Agricola Biologica

      MINIMUM ORDER: 150€

    Two organic brands, one family. The L'Olmo e La Vite farm in Modena produces balsamic condiments and juices. Grasparossa grapes come exclusively from their own biologically certified cultivation. All products are created according to rigorous natural methods.

    REGION: Emilia Romagna

     Organic grape juice without sulfites and added sugar

     Balsamic vinegar of Modena and other organic seasonings

  • La Rajade

    La Rajade


    The Rajade is located in the eastern foothills of Friuli in the Judrio valley along the Slovenian border almost close to the first woods. This is the northernmost area of ​​the Collio where nature dominates and marks the rhythm of time. The name of the company itself, which means sunshine, reflects its nature. As the ray of sunshine is a source of life for the vine and all the surrounding nature, the producer in the same way, with commitment, dedication, and respect for nature, pours all the passion into this reality so that anyone who perceives the warmth of The Rajade.

    REGION: Friuli - Venezia Giulia

     Specialties: Collio wines  

  • Longhi tartufi

    Longhi tartufi

     MINIMUM ORDER: 70 €

    A 50-year-long tradition in the Marche hinterland where Ravaldo together with his family produces one of the Italian excellences with an unmistakable taste of nature, history, and selected high quality.

    REGION: Marche 



  • Macelleria Agricola Savigni

    Macelleria Agricola Savigni

     MINIMUM ORDER: 150€

    To raise pigs and cattle, as well as to work meat and cured meats, passion, experience, and commitment are obviously fundamental. Doing so respecting all the standards and values ​​that have always guided the Savigni's choices requires an extra effort. This is why they are proud of their certifications. And they are right.
    REGION: Tuscany
    sausage_2.png Cinta Senese DOP

      Razza Chianina IGP

  • Pasta Durante

    Pasta Durante


    Raw materials of own production, local spring water, and eggs from own chickens raised on the Marche hills with free grazing. The story of two friends, Ugo and Stefano, who have created a unique and inimitable brand. Pasta Durante is an artisan pasta factory that speaks of high quality, history, and local tradition.

    REGION: Marche

     Traditional handmade pasta 

  • Pasta Vadese

    Pasta Vadese


    The product is just the same as the homemade one by our mothers and grandmothers. Pasta Vadese creates a product with durum and soft wheat semolina at km 0 of the best quality, from which we take only the heart rich in proteins and gluten. A production that comes from the tradition of regional cuisine, carefully processed in a latest-generation laboratory.

    REGION: Marche 

    Specialty: Fresh handmade pasta

  • Pastificio Agricolo Lenato

    Pastificio Agricolo Lenato

      MINIMUM ORDER: 90€ 

    Sicilian artisanal pasta with 100% traceable raw material produced in the fields owned by the Lenato farm. The careful selection of the seeds, the natural drying in the sun, and the bronze drawing make it a natural product, transparent and characterized by high digestibility.

    REGION: Sicily 

     Sicilian artisan pasta

  • Piadina Snack

    Piadina Snack


    Enjoy it how you want and when you want. At lunch, snack, aperitif, and dinner ... it's always time for Piadina Snack!

    REGION: Emilia Romagna 

     Fried Classic Piadina - Italian Tortilla-Bread Snack

  • Ridolfi Montalcino

    Ridolfi Montalcino


    An entire locality dedicated to the production of Brunello, at the foot of Montalcino, a winery that speaks of history, art, and territory. 

    REGION: Tuscany

      Rosso di Toscana, Brunello di Montalcino, Rosso di Montalcino
  • Sebastiano Drago 1929

    Sebastiano Drago 1929

      MINIMUM ORDER: 100€

    Sicilian fish processed manually, according to tradition, without the use of chemical additives and preservatives. Natural products fished exclusively in the Mediterranean Sea.
    REGIONE: Sicily

     Mediterranean fish
     Sicilian handmade sauces