⇒ Spreading Italian Local Food, the backbone of Made in Italy, all over the world. 

⇒ Support and increase the well-being of local economies by giving them a tool with which they can work anywhere from their home.

⇒ Increase the transparency, information, and traceability of the Italian food and beverage sector by rewarding local producers that control the entire production cycle, from production to delivery of their products.

⇒ Reduce pollution and environmental impact due to transport thanks to our technology that allows the producer to manage their sales independently, getting rid of retailers, eliminating too many transports, and the various passages between intermediaries.

⇒ Guarantee a fair sale between producer and customer. The producer does not have to rely on third parties to be able to sell its products. With Tiwol it sells directly to B2C and B2B customers avoiding price speculation on its products and always selling at the best price. The customer on the other hand will always receive a certified product of high quality 100% Italian at the best market price, buying it directly from the producer.

Tiwol is an innovative start-up born at the end of 2019 to respond to a clear market need: on the one hand, online consumers are more aware and willing to learn more about the food they consume; on the other hand, producers are looking for new sales methods and strategies in order to fully exploit their products and sell them at the right price.

The name TIWOL derives from the English acronym "The Italian Way Of Life", "The Italian Roads Of Life". The streets of those villages and lands from which typical flavors are born, the ways of doing people, and their traditions.

Through our platform it is possible to receive directly at home, throughout Italy and Europe, typical local products of high quality, knowing exactly the origin and the producer itself. You will buy directly from the producer, without intermediaries, thus saving on the price and delivery times.

Just choose the local producer and order your groceries directly from his shop. Each local producer requires a minimum expense. Food products are highly perishable, especially if genuine and fresh, and for this reason, every minimum expense has been carefully calculated to allow our producers to do an excellent job online; from the preparation of the order to the sending of your shopping with the most professional and competent couriers.

Our producers are chosen according to certain quality standards; they use raw material from their own production, from the local area or 100% Italian. You will find many producers awarded and recognized worldwide by the greatest critics and experts in the sector. Lots of excellent and small agricultural or family-run producers who put their faces on us, enhancing quality and transparency.

Tiwol is a big advantage not only for consumers. Traditional sales channels often see payments in 30 or 60 days while supermarket shelves do not give the possibility to explain to the consumer that there are specific production steps behind some products. With Tiwol the manufacturer solves both problems; immediately collects the payment and offers its customers detailed product sheets with digital contents that allow them to fully explain their characteristics. 


1) Traceability: products with selected raw material, directly from the producer to the consumer, shipped within a few hours.
2) Maximum quality: certified products, with a story to tell created according to the most ancient Italian culinary traditions. PDO, PGI, DOCG, and many other products certified at the producer price.
3) Short supply chain: quality for the consumer and the right price paid to the producer.
4) Sustainability of local economies: we give space only to small producers and local realities, increasing their visibility and giving them a tool with which to propose themselves in Italy and abroad.

Our producers are recognized by the best world newspapers and rewarded by major industry critics.