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The first risottos with recipes signed by a starred Chef. They arise from the increasingly current need to be able to cook an excellent risotto in a short time (17 minutes), even without being familiar with the stove, and despite not having all the ingredients at home. Claudio Prandi, after obtaining 2 Michelin stars in his career, accepted our challenge by creating gourmet recipes and managing to balance the flavors with a clever dosage of dehydrated raw materials.

100% Italian rice 
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The procedure is extremely simple:
• Pour the content of the jar into a saucepan;
• Put 3 jars of water in another pot and bring to boil;
• When the water boils, heat the rice for about 20 seconds;
• Add the boiling water altogether and cook over a moderate flame for 17 minutes, stirring occasionally;
• Let it rest for 1 minute;
• OPTIONAL: creaming 1 spoon of EVO oil for the shrimp risotto; stir vigorously and here is a starry risotto!

Ingredient: GOIO S. ANDREA RICE (92%), fish broth without glutamate: (salt, potato starch, shellfish, dehydrated fish and crustaceans: cod, bluefish, shrimp, crab, squid 14%, potato maltodextrin, an extract of yeast, sunflower oil, dehydrated vegetables: onion, carrot, garlic; natural flavors, spices), freeze-dried asparagus tips (1.6%), dehydrated tomato, freeze-dried Mediterranean red prawn by Rosso di Mazara (origin Italy 0.7%), dehydrated onion, dehydrated lemon.

Ingredient: GOIO S. ANDREA RICE (87%) dehydrated pork sausage (4% - pork, soft wheat flour, rice flour, salt, flavorings), vegetable dressing without glutamate: (salt, potato starch, yeast extract, potato maltodextrin, vegetables
dehydrated: onion, carrot, celery, parsley; sunflower oil, spices: ginger, nutmeg; natural flavors), dried Porcini mushrooms (Boletus Edulis and relative membership group 3.6%), dehydrated onion, salt, saffron (0.4%). Contains gluten.


Goio rice is left to mature naturally in the field much as possible before harvest. At this point comes into action a computerized combine that separates the grains of paddy rice (rice still raw) from the chaff, this is left in the field to supply organic substance as nourishment for growth of the following year. The product is then carried to the center of desiccation where it is slowly warmed and ventilated to remove the excess moisture: from the initial water content of 20/22% to a final 13%, perfect for good processing and conservation. Thereafter, the paddy rice is deposited in refrigerated silos to ensure better uniformity of the product and left to stand for one year. So it is a delicate time of processing. First, the grain will be separated from husks and impurities obtaining the so-called husked rice. In the last working, the most delicate, the rice is subjected to whitening process and by abrasion, it also loses his silver film. In the next step, it could get the breakage of the grains, processing which, even if permitted by law up to a certain percentage, is discarded by us to be able to provide the consumer a better product. Now the rice could be ready for your table, but the Riso Goio is still left to stand in an oxygen-free environment for several months to improve its conservation and, after bagging in a controlled atmosphere, will arrive in your homes without altering its peculiarities. The Riso Goio stands out for its high capacity of excelling in preparing all kinds of dishes: from the most refined risotto, soups, desserts, or just boiled as a side dish. By many Chef is appreciated for its high creaminess that allowed not to use cream, butter, or cheese for creaming. This makes it very appreciated for those who, not wanting to give up the good food, has special attention to the healthiness of the foods and, why not, for the shape.

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